Your SRINA® Tea is a delicate, special drink, to be prepared carefully and with pleasure. It can be prepared either as a hot or iced tea, to suit your personality or mood. In certain parts of China many dispose of the first infusion using it as a "rinse of the leaves". The second cup is said to be the best tasting and naturally decaffeinated. This is also good for those who want to avoid caffeine. And of course many may prefer the good old-fashioned way of brewing their tea by simply dropping the leaves in a tea cup and pouring the hot water over the leaves and letting it infuse. We suggest finding the brewing technique that works for you. Remember it's all about the wonderful effect of the tea and not the brewing method.

When life becomes restless we seek the quietness of things and beg for time to think - Zen priest Eisai

Tea is the ultimate relaxation in a cup, sit back and indulge in the fragrance of SRINA® Tea.


Tea Strength

If you like a strong cup of tea, add extra leaves to your brew. Trust your palate. Experiment with different levels of water and leaves to adjust your tea to suit your own taste.



For Iced Tea

After following the steps above to create your hot SRINA® Tea, just add ice cubes for a lighter cup of iced tea or refrigerate after brewing to preserve the taste.


Water Quality

Tea experts say that the source of the water used for tea brewing is as important as choosing high quality tea leaves. The water should have a neutral pH, or balanced level of acidity. Otherwise, you get what is often referred to as hard water which can make even great tea taste bitter or sour. It’s important to consider what's in your water - for example, minerals or residue from old pipes can cause your tea to have an unpleasant metal taste. Filtered and bottled spring water are readily available to most and are a good starting point for brewing. Lastly, water should be freshly boiled, as water that's been re-boiled can absorb flavors and odors from the air around it.

We recommend using the water you like for drinking to brew SRINA tea. Trust your palate while brewing to get a cup of tea that you will enjoy.

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