Its often said that releasing the love hormone Oxytocin can be done in several ways, from taking a walk on a spring day and giving a hug to someone to meditating and praying.  My choice for releasing the love hormone is a delicious hot cup of SRINA organic green tea with Ceylon Cinnamon.  From the moment I scoop the fresh green tea leaves blended with cinnamon into my cup, I’m filled with anticipation of what is to come.  The aroma of crisp green tea and the sweet spice of Cinnamon immediately puts a smile on my face.  As I sit down in my favorite chair near the window, I lift the cup of tea to my lips and sigh as the warmth of the tea travels down my body.  The cinnamon leaves a fresh aftertaste in my mouth. I settle into my chair, sipping my tea, and enjoying the feeling of connection between myself and my tea.  Green tea gets the blood flowing and the love chemicals in your brain pumping while relaxing your central nervous system. Try it for yourself!


You have a lunch date with SRINA coming up!


Many of us are tucked away at our desk right now, logged onto our computers, and plunging away as mid day falls upon us.  Lunch is a necessity. Whether we grab it at our desk and heat it up in the microwave or dash to the company café for a quick bite, we always rush back to our desk to ensure we don’t miss that important call.  Its an ongoing cycle in our week long work day.  Ensuring that our bodies are present and on time can be the focus for many working professionals across the country.  However, what if we stop to examine the quality of our spiritual self during our work day?  I know to speak of spirit and work can simply be an oxymoron that should not be in the same sentence.  I’m not talking spirit as in religion but as in the human spirit in the workplace.    

Spirituality in the workplace is not a new phenomenon.  In fact, Business Week, June 5, 2005 was one of the first to publish an article on spirituality in the workplace.  The cover article was titled “Companies hit the road less traveled: Can spirituality enlighten the bottom line?” Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index estimates the cost of America’s disengagement crisis at a staggering $300 billion in lost productivity annually. When people don’t care about their jobs or their employers, they don’t show up consistently, they produce less, or their work quality suffers. If productivity and profits are the goal, then why don’t we get a chance to come back to ourselves and focus on our spirit?

Break away from your desk and enjoy a cup of tea.  We will share a tea and food pairing while we relax with a meditative workshop.  SRINA Noon Tea Time seeks to be a source for optimal health and wellness during your work week. Tea can even boost your brain activity with natural amino acid called L-theanine (improves cognitive clarity and offers a relaxing effect on the brain). Taking time away can make you more productive in your day.

Buy tickets for Feb 8 or Mar 1.


Doing tea differently ... with the Junior League of Bronxville!

SRINA visits the Bronxville Junior League

SRINA visits the Bronxville Junior League

This month, SRINA spent an evening of tea and community with The Junior League of Bronxville in Bronxville New York. The SRINA team told the story of sustainability with members of JLB over various flavors of organic tea and food pairings. The evening ended with JLB and SRINA sharing a common theme of leadership and empowerment through active engagement. 

For several years we have introduced SRINA as a tea brand that strives to do tea differently. We venture to go beyond the cup to introduce high quality organic teas, deliver up to date medical breakthroughs, teach tea education, and perform live Tea Socials to connect and engage with SRINA Tea Club members within their local communities.

So without further ado, we would like to introduce our NEW SRINA Subscription Box! It connects Tea Club members with the environmental, economic, and social impact of their tea purchase and membership. Most importantly, it shares eco-tourism with Tea Club members through trips to our organic tea farm in the rainforest area of Sri Lanka.

Join the SRINA Tea Club to recieve invites to future Tea Socials and be sure to check out our new subscription boxes along the way.

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