I want some SUGAR in my TEA…


To all of you out there with a sweet tooth, including myself, for many years, our spring-time focus is on the addictive white or brown delight called SUGAR.  Next month, our SRINA subscription will focus on the deconstruction of our sugar cravings! Recently, we had an exciting afternoon in Brooklyn sharing SRINA Tea with the lovely Sonia Jackson Myles & The Sister Accord, where we challenged the audience of women and high school girls to sip their first taste of SRINA tea without sugar. “Are you kidding me, Monaqui? I want some sugar in my tea!” was the response of one of the young ladies attending the event. I shared that I completely understand as a recovering sugar lover. My early tea drinking days included at least 1 teaspoon of sugar in my tea. However, after years of sipping SRINA organic green tea leaves, I have come to need only two ingredients in my cup… tea leaves and water. I have come to appreciate the crisp, earthy, and smooth taste of organic green tea leaves freshly brewed in my cup. I realized that my reason for drowning my tea with the addictive white/brown delight in the past was often due to the bitter, hard taste of many commercial green teas without sugar. I needed sugar in my tea to make it taste better and come alive. These days I simply drop a teaspoon of Srina green tea leaves in my cup, pour hot water and enjoy. Over time, I have slowly re-educated my palate to be a discerning tea drinker.  Does your palate require a sweetener in your tea to make it taste better? As we approach Spring, let’s all take the SRINA palate challenge — try your tea without sugar or any sweetener.  Do you enjoy the taste?  Can your tea stand alone with nothing but water?  Can you drink and enjoy the pure, natural taste?      



This International Women's Day, we are celebrating the birth of SRINA Tea.

On March 8, 2002, I started off as an invited guest of the United Nations on a journey to SouthEast Asia to speak on "The Commonalities of Women: We Are More Alike Than Different." My goal was to bring women together from all over the world 🌎 to celebrate our shared values as mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, and friends. Over a decade later, we are still sharing tea and community. Let's raise our tea cups to the mantra that women are stronger together!  We are more alike than we are different.

-Monaqui Porter-Young, President/CEO




Its often said that releasing the love hormone Oxytocin can be done in several ways, from taking a walk on a spring day and giving a hug to someone to meditating and praying.  My choice for releasing the love hormone is a delicious hot cup of SRINA organic green tea with Ceylon Cinnamon.  From the moment I scoop the fresh green tea leaves blended with cinnamon into my cup, I’m filled with anticipation of what is to come.  The aroma of crisp green tea and the sweet spice of Cinnamon immediately puts a smile on my face.  As I sit down in my favorite chair near the window, I lift the cup of tea to my lips and sigh as the warmth of the tea travels down my body.  The cinnamon leaves a fresh aftertaste in my mouth. I settle into my chair, sipping my tea, and enjoying the feeling of connection between myself and my tea.  Green tea gets the blood flowing and the love chemicals in your brain pumping while relaxing your central nervous system. Try it for yourself!

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